Loan Details

JIFLA provides interest free loans to persons able to demonstrate a legitimate need and ability to repay the loan. Priority will be given to applicants who are unable to obtain funds through normal lending sources.

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The purpose of the loan must be to alleviate a  need such as medical bills, car repairs, a tax burden, or a bridge during a period of unemployment. Other loan examples include fertility treatment, adoption, and Israel Gap Year programs.  Our loans are not for educational purposes.

The maximum loan amount is $5,000, but the actual amount authorized will depend upon the applicant’s needs, ability to make monthly repayments, and the amount of loan capital available at the time.

The typical repayment period is 24 – 36 months but can be more or less based on the loan amount and at Loan Fund’s discretion.

JIFLALoanAll loan payments begin between one and six months after receipt of the loan.

Loan applications can be emailed to or mailed to:

5115 New Peachtree Road Suite 200A
Chamblee, GA 30341

JIFLA is committed to the principle of maintaining confidentiality and all personal data is blinded and identified to other members of the loan committee by means of a loan number only.

The Promissory Note is the legal agreement between the applicant and the Jewish Interest Free Loan of Atlanta, Inc. It describes the specific terms of the loan.

Each loan is secured by one or more guarantors. Each Guarantor is fully and unconditionally liable for full payment of the total loan amount in case of default.  For loans of $1,000 or less, one Guarantor is required.  Two Guarantors are required for loans greater than $1,000.

JIFLA may require the applicant to submit documentation or proof of statements contained in this application.

JIFLA reserves the right to verify all information.

Loans will be approved at the sole discretion of the Loan Committee.

The applicant and guarantors must meet all eligibility requirements as stated elsewhere.

It is the practice of JIFLA to require the borrower to execute a Direct Payment Authorization form  granting JIFLA permission to make scheduled debits to Borrowers bank account to enable loan repayment.

The applicant is required to sign and return an annual verification letter within 60 days of receipt. This annual verification letter confirms Borrowers and Guarantors address and other contact information. Failure to do so may result in the loan being due and payable immediately.

The following forms must be completed in full in order for the loan application to be considered complete:

* In lieu of completing a Guarantor’s Information Form, a Guarantor may elect to provide JIFLA with cash security, the amount of which to be mutually agreed upon between Guarantor and JIFLA.

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