Co-Sign a Loan

We are all just one bump in the road, one lost job, one medical bill, one unexpected house problem away from suddenly not knowing how we are going to put food on the table. An organization like JIFLA helps keep people in their homes, jobs, and community. 

—Rabbi Joshua Z. Heller, Rabbi, Congregation B’nai Torah, Atlanta Georgia.


Imagine helping another person become self-sufficient with dignity.

By securing an interest free loan for a fellow Jew experiencing financial distress and hardship, the guarantor is performing a great mitzvah.

With the support and participation of our guarantors, JIFLA has provided 52 families throughout the Atlanta area with $154,982 in interest free loans.


Guarantors are needed to secure each loan and are considered equally responsible for loan repayment, should the borrower default on the loan.

Becoming a guarantor is not entirely risk free, but it’s pretty close. Out of a total $154,982 loaned to our applicants, only $600 has required repayment by a guarantor from one loan of $3,000.

Learn more about eligibility requirements.

Consider becoming a guarantor by applying today.

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