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Jewish Interest-Free Loans of Atlanta

Since opening our loan office in March 2010, we have approved over $1.4M in interest-free loans. We have impacted over 350 families.

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What the Torah Says about Interest Free Loans.

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    I do it because being a guarantor is a fulfillment of the Torah's obligation to give charity, and I am committed to spending my money, as well as living my life, by a set of Jewish law rules that direct me to do things that I do not always like.  This one has, so far, never hurt.* Being a guarantor is like shaking a lulav -- simple to do and makes God happy.  It does not make me sad, but it could -- if someone defaults, then I will have to pay and that would make me sad.  But, I do mitzvot even when it makes me sad!
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    Many years ago, I was a Free Loan borrower.  Today, I am proud to pay it forward by being a guarantor. Enabling a borrower to receive a much needed JIFLA loan is a great feeling.  I know that I am making a difference in my friend's financial stability.  We talk regularly and he is looking forward to paying it forward when his JIFLA loan is repaid