Our Impact

Borrower Stories

See how a JIFLA loan made a difference.


Lead Paint Window Hazard

Eliana is a mother of 2 young children. Shortly after she and her husband purchased an older home in Atlanta, they discovered that the windows had lead paint. A loan from JIFLA helped replace the potentially hazardous windows.


The Comfort of a New Bed

Barbara is a senior who moved into the Jewish Tower. Throughout her life, she prioritized her children’s needs as a devoted single mother, often leaving her with minimal savings. Making a large purchase always posed a challenge. A JIFLA loan enabled her to finally purchase a new bed, marking a positive turning point in her living situation


COVID Bridge Loan

Eliyahu was in training for a new job when the news came, his group was being let go. With a car payment, rent and internet bills past due it became clear he needed financial help. Eliyahu reached out to JIFLA he was quickly approved for his loan.  The JIFLA loan relieved the financial anxiety unemployment brought. Eliyahu’s situation was temporary, now back he is back-on-track and looking forward to the day he can make a donation to JIFLA to support fellow Jews in tight financial situations.


Growing Family

Thanks to Lea’s growing family, their apartment felt smaller than ever.  Looking to purchase a home and move presented a timing and financial challenge. With the help of a JIFLA loan, Lea and her family were able to move into their new home without undue financial stress.


Israel Program

Recommended to JIFLA by Hillels of Georgia, Ella is a young college graduate who was able to work, study and live in a year-long immersive Israel Masa program.


Lifecycle Event

Leslie is the single mother of 3 young boys. Although their family situation had changed, Leslie wanted her second son to have a Bar Mitzvah Leslie is the single mother of 3 young boys. Although their family situation had changed, Leslie wanted her second son to have a Bar Mitzvah experience similar to his older brother.  A JIFLA loan made this important life milestone event possible.

What Guarantors Say

“I have served as a guarantor for many JIFLA loans because Jewish law (halacha) is of the view that extending credit to people in their time of need is one of the single most important mitzvot a Jew can do to help a fellow Jew.” 

Rabbi Michael Broyde

“We serve as guarantors to pay forward to those that need a bit of help.  Guarantors help more people than just a straight donation.  We are proud to do both.”

Sid and Laurie Besmertnik   

“Not everyone has family and friends who are in a position to help. When we learned applicants who do not have a guarantor may be unable to receive a loan we signed up!  We are so proud to pay it forward with our donations to JIFLA and as guarantors for future loans.