Frequently Asked Questions


Is an interest-free loan right for me?

Are you in debt? Do you need help paying your bills? Then an interest-free loan may be right for you. Our loans help when cash flow is low or you are in a financially difficult situation.

  • Living expenses: Rental/Mortgage assistance, car repair/purchase
  • Family expenses: Growing your family through adoption or fertility treatments, Israel Gap Year programs, Jewish camp
  • Bridge loan: During a period of unemployment, selling/purchasing a home
  • Debt reduction: Medical bills, credit card bills, tax burden
  • Your unique need

How much can I borrow?

We make loans up to $10,000 depending on need, ability to make monthly repayments, and the amount of loan capital available at the time.

About the guarantor(s)

A guarantor is usually a close friend or relative. While the borrower makes monthly payments, the guarantors will be responsible for repaying the loan if the borrower’s payments are not made.  For loans of $1,000 or less, a guarantor may not be required. 

When and how long do I have to repay my loan?

The typical repayment period is 24 – 36

Loan payments usually begin one month after receipt of the loan.

Is this loan confidential?

Yes. JIFLA is committed to maintaining confidentiality. All paper and electronic records are securely stored and all personal data is blinded and identified to other members of the loan committee only by assigned loan numbers.

Who approves the loan?

Our loan committee representatives will meet with you before they decide to approve your loan.


Can I donate stock?

Yes. Please email Nancy, our Executive Director or call us at (470) 268-5665

How do I make a donation in honor or memory of someone?

Tribute giving is a lovely way to recognize, honor, and celebrate people that are important to you while supporting JIFLA’s mission.  You can enter the tribute information with your donation or you can share your tribute instructions with us directly.  Either way, we will notify the individual or family appropriately.

Is my gift tax deductible?

Yes.  JIFLA is a qualified 501c3 organization. Unless your gift instructs us otherwise, your gift acknowledgment will include a tax receipt.

Can I make a monthly recurring donations?

Absolutely!  Recurring donations provide you an easy way to support JIFLA in a way that makes the most sense for you.  We are happy to help you divide your annual gift into smaller, monthly installments that are automatically processed on the day you choose.  Recurring donations can also save you time from having to come back to our donation page every time you want to make a donation or tribute.

What assets can I use to make a gift?

While cash donations are the most common type of donation, we can also accept cash-equivalent gifts such as stocks, bonds, or other publicly-traded securities.  Please contact our office for transfer instructions and any other information.

Do I have to pay the credit card fees?

No, but it is very much appreciated if you do! Credit card companies charge fees to process credit card transactions, even for nonprofits.  Your gift to us goes further when you help cover these transaction expenses. 

Find out if you are eligible to get a JIFLA interest-free loan.