About Us

We create opportunity and financial stability for Jewish individuals and families in Georgia via interest-free loans and financial education.

Who We Are

We help members of the Jewish Community by providing interest-free loans, free financial literacy workshops and budget counseling. Our comprehensive approach supports long term financial security for future generations. We are active in Jewish communities throughout Georgia and proudly partner with a growing list of fellow Jewish agencies.

Today, more than 50 free loan agencies located throughout the world – including Atlanta – are members of the professional support organization  International Association of Jewish Free Loans

We are managed by our Executive Director, Professional Staff, Board of Directors, and supported by many volunteer committee members. 

Our Team

How We Began

JIFLA of Georgia was established in 2010 by a group of Jews in Atlanta who wanted to make a difference in the Atlanta Jewish community. Since the first loan of $3,000, we have steadily grown our loan portfolio to over $1.7M of interest-free loans.

The mandate for JIFLA’s work can be traced to biblical times and found in Parsha Mishpatim:  ‘thou shalt not exact interest from the needy among you.’ 

JIFLA recently changed its name from Jewish Interest-Free Loan of Atlanta to Jewish Interest-Free Loan Association of GA to reflect our growing reach.

How We Are Funded

JIFLA loans are funded entirely through community donations which continually recycle to others, generating many times the original value to help maintain the lives of local Jews and their loved ones.

98% of loans given are repaid and are then loaned to someone else with a temporary need.


Let’s cut to the chase. Read our most Frequently Asked Questions.

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