Our Community Partners

Collaboration is a core strategy for JIFLA.  We continually seek new partners and program opportunities

JIFLA works directly with JFF to provide loans to people working to grow their families. Over the past 3 years, we have approved 7 loans for JFF families.

Weekly meetings between Jewish Family & Career Services Emergency Assistance and JIFLA provide a safety net for the most vulnerable in our community. The Peaceful Family Fund, sponsored by the Hirsch Legacy Foundation assists families to afford the treatment of behavioral and psychiatric issues in adolescents. Additionally, we work directly with a variety of JF&CS departments including HAMSA, and Career Services.

Residents and some employees are eligible for JIFLA loans. We have provided help with cataract surgeries, new tires, hearing aids, computes, living expenses and more.

Jewish summer camp loans are part of our portfolio. One of our partners, In the City Camps, lists JIFLA on their applications so parents know how to reach us.

Our dedicated loan fund supports those seeking assistance with psychological and educational testing, medical equipment and ongoing services.

Collaboration is a core strategy for JIFLA. We continually seek new partners and program opportunities. Many of our borrowers come to us via referral; from a friend, rabbi, or a past borrower.

Mental health support can be expensive. JIFLA works with the Berman Center to provide loan options to bridge the financial gap ensuring more people receive the support they need.

We have made several loans to assist with closing the financial gap between the costs of a trip to Israel and the subsidy provided by JWC.

More Partners

We partner with many Jewish organizations to amplify their impact and strengthen our own outreach efforts.

  • 18Doors
  • Atlanta Jews of Color Council
  • Chabad Intown/Jeff’s Place
  • Chabad throughout Georgia
  • Friendship Circle
  • Hebrew Order of David
  • Honeymoon Israel
  • Jbaby
  • Jewish Day Schools
  • Jewish Preschools
  • Jewish Summer Camp Initiative
  • JumpSpark – Gap Year Programs
  • Hillels of Georgia
  • Maccabi USA
  • Maalot
  • NextGen
  • OneTable
  • PJ Library
  • Repair The World
  • Synagogues – Rabbis & Administrators